Samsung Finance: Pay Monthly for Phone & TV – All You Need

Looking to purchase the latest Samsung devices but concerned about the financial aspect? Take advantage of our limited-time financing offer and choose from a variety of payment plans. Don’t miss out on this promo purchase opportunity! Samsung Financing offers convenient payment options for credit approval and credit facilities that can make owning your dream Samsung products a reality. With Samsung Financing, you can easily finance your desired products with a financed amount and enjoy special payment terms for promo purchases. With Samsung Financing, you can enjoy flexible financing offers tailored to your needs, allowing you to spread out payments over time and manage your budget more effectively. Whether you need a financed amount for a new Galaxy device or a credit facility with limited credit, Samsung Financing has you covered.

Imagine upgrading to the latest smartphone or bringing home that stunning QLED TV without breaking the bank. With our limited-time offer, you can shop for your desired product and enjoy payment plans that suit your needs. Upgrade today with a qualifying purchase! Thanks to a partnership with TD Bank, Samsung Financing offers accessible and hassle-free financing options through their credit facility for customers like you. Whether you have a good credit score or a less-than-perfect credit history, Samsung Financing is here to help. Whether it’s smartphones, tablets, appliances, or other cutting-edge electronics, Samsung Financing offers you the opportunity to upgrade your device with upgrade credit and upgrade terms, making high-quality tech more affordable than ever. Unlock the world of possibilities today.

With Samsung Financing, you can shop without compromising quality or delaying your purchases. Take advantage of our upgrade credit offer and enjoy flexible upgrade terms. Upgrade your credit and take advantage of our exclusive offer to easily upgrade your device. Say goodbye to budget constraints and hello to a seamless shopping experience with our flexible payment plans and financing facility from Samsung Financing.

How Samsung Financing Works: Approval Process and Benefits

Upgrade your credit with Samsung Financing, a hassle-free facility that offers a simple and quick application process. Get approved easily and enjoy the convenience of minimum payment options when you shop. With our attractive offer of low interest rates and flexible payment terms, you can shop with confidence, knowing that you have the option to upgrade your credit. Our financing options provide a great alternative to traditional methods, with a minimum amount required. Let’s delve into the approval process and the benefits of using Samsung Financing to upgrade your credit when you shop. With Samsung Financing, you can affirm your purchase and enjoy flexible payment options, including a minimum payment.

Quick and Easy Application Process

Getting approved for Samsung Financing is a breeze. The application process for our credit financing program is straightforward, ensuring a seamless experience for customers. Our financing offer allows customers to apply for an affirmed financing account. Here’s how it works:

  1. Visit the Samsung website or visit a participating retailer to explore our financing offer. Use our financing program to get credit and purchase your initial device.
  2. Select the qualifying purchase you wish to finance.
  3. Fill out the application form with your personal information, including your name, address, contact details, and credit.
  4. Affirm your credit by providing any additional required documentation as specified in the application for financing account.
  5. Submit your application for review.

Once you’ve submitted your application for a financing account, Samsung will assess your creditworthiness based on their approval criteria. If approved, you can affirm your purchase and enjoy the benefits of an initial device.

Credit Requirements and Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for Samsung Financing and purchase your initial device, there are certain credit requirements and eligibility criteria that need to be met. It is important to affirm that you meet these qualifications before applying. While specific details may vary depending on your location and other factors, here are some general guidelines for obtaining credit and financing an initial device through a financing account.

  • A good credit score is essential when applying for financing accounts. A higher credit score significantly improves your chances of approval.
  • Stable income and credit: Demonstrating a steady source of income helps establish financial stability and increases the chances of obtaining financing accounts. Additionally, having a good credit history is crucial when applying for an initial device or any other type of loan.
  • Proof of identity: Valid identification documents may be required for verification purposes, especially when applying for credit or financing accounts or purchasing an initial device.

It’s important to note that meeting the requirements for a credit and financing account does not guarantee approval but significantly improves your chances.

Advantages of Using Samsung Financing

Samsung Financing offers several advantages for consumers looking for credit. It is appealing for many because of its advantages over traditional financing options.

  1. Low-interest rates: Enjoy competitive credit interest rates that can save you money compared to other financing alternatives.
  2. Flexible payment terms: Choose from various repayment plans tailored to suit your budgetary needs, whether using a financing account or paying with credit.
  3. Take advantage of exclusive deals and promotional offers available only through Samsung Financing. Our credit options allow you to enjoy special promotions and save money on your purchases.
  4. Convenient online credit account management: Access your credit account online to view credit statements, make credit payments, and track your purchases.

By opting for Samsung Financing, you can enjoy the convenience of financing your purchase directly through Samsung while taking advantage of its attractive credit terms and benefits.

Exploring the Mechanics of Samsung Financing

Understanding how Samsung Financing works is essential to make informed decisions about your credit purchases and effectively manage your finances.

Interest Calculation on Purchases

When you choose to finance a purchase through Samsung Financing, it’s crucial to understand how interest is calculated on your credit. The interest you pay depends on factors such as the financed amount, credit, and the repayment periodof your financing account. Generally, interest is applied to the remaining balance if you don’t pay off your financed device within the promotional period on your financing account. This could affect your credit.

Here are some key points to consider:

  • Through their financing account, Samsung offers 0% APR financing options for specific periods on eligible devices. During this promotional period, no interest will be charged to your financing account.
  • Suppose you don’t pay off your financing account for the device within the promotional period or fail to meet certain conditions. In that case, interest may be retroactively applied from the date of purchase.
  • It’s important to review all terms and conditions related to financing before making a purchase. Be aware of any potential changes in interest rates after the promotional period ends, especially if you have a financing account.

Available Financing Plans

Samsung provides various financing plans tailored to meet different needs. Here are some options you can explore:

  1. 0% APR Financing: This plan allows you to spread out payments over a specific period without incurring any interest charges if paid in full.
  2. Low APR Financing: For longer-term financing needs, Samsung offers low-interest rate options with fixed monthly payments over an extended period.
  3. Deferred Interest: With this financing account option, you can delay paying interest for a specified time frame; however, it’s crucial to fully understand the terms and conditions as failing to meet them could result in retroactively applying accrued interest.


While using Samsung Financing can provide flexibility in managing your purchases, you must be aware of any fees or charges associated with the program. Here are some key points:

  • Samsung Financing typically doesn’t charge an annual fee.
  • Late payment fees may apply if you fail to make your monthly payments on time in your financing account.
  • Returned payment fees might be incurred if a payment fails or is returned due to insufficient funds in the financing account.

Managing Your Account

Samsung provides an online portal allowing you to manage your Samsung Financing account conveniently. This portal lets you access important information and perform various tasks related to your financing account.

  • Viewing your account balance, payment history, and upcoming payments.
  • Making online payments towards your financed devices.
  • Setting up automatic payments for added convenience.
  • Updating personal information and contact details.

Utilizing the online portal allows you to easily manage your financing account and stay on top of your finances, ensuring timely payments for your Samsung devices.

Making Payments and Managing Your Samsung Financing Account

Set up automatic payments.

To ensure timely repayments on your financing account for purchases, it’s a smart move to set up automatic payments. This convenient financing account feature allows you to schedule recurring payments, so you don’t have to worry about missing due dates. By automating your payments, you can avoid late fees and maintain good standing with Samsung Financing.

Easily track payment history and view statements.

With Samsung Financing, managing your account is a breeze. You can easily track your payment history and view statements through your online account. This user-friendly platform provides quick access to all the information you need regarding your financing account. Whether you want to review past transactions or check the status of your current balance, everything is just a few clicks away.

Make payments from bank accounts or credit cards.

Samsung Financing offers flexibility. You have the option to pay directly from either your bank account or credit card. This convenience allows you to choose the method that works best for you. Whether you prefer using funds from your checking account or earning rewards points with your credit card, Samsung Financing has covered you.

Receive notifications and reminders.

Staying on top of your finances is crucial, especially. With Samsung Financing, you receive notifications and reminders about upcoming payments. These alerts help ensure you never miss a due date and avoid any potential penalties or negative impact on your credit history or score.

Accessing billing statements

Accessing billing statements is hassle-free with Samsung Financing. Instead of waiting for paper statements in the mail, which can sometimes get lost or delayed, all the information is readily available online. By logging into your account on the Samsung website, you can effortlessly access digital copies of your billing statements whenever needed.

Flexible Payment Options: Pay Over Time with Samsung Financing

Choose from various repayment periods that suit your budget when using Samsung Financing.

Finding the right payment plan can make a big difference. With Samsung Financing, you can choose from various repayment periods that suit your budget and financial needs. Whether you’re looking to buy a new phone, a TV, or any other Samsung product, you can find a payment plan that works for you.

  • Key Benefit: Enjoy the freedom to select a repayment period that aligns with your financial situation.
  • Example: If you’re on a tight budget, you can opt for a longer repayment period with lower monthly payments. On the other hand, if you prefer to pay off your purchase quickly, you can choose a shorter repayment period.

Enjoy the flexibility of making minimum monthly payments or paying off your balance early without penalties.

With Samsung Financing, you can manage your payments in a way that suits you best. You can make minimum monthly payments without any additional fees or penalties. This option allows you to spread out the cost of your purchase over time while keeping up with your other financial obligations.

  • Pro Tip: Making minimum monthly payments is an excellent choice if you want to avoid straining your finances and prefer smaller, manageable payments.
  • Example: Let’s say you decide to buy a new smartphone using Samsung Financing. By making minimum monthly payments, you can enjoy the latest device’s features without putting too much strain on your wallet.

No penalties are involved if circumstances change and you can pay off your balance early. This gives you peace of mind, knowing that if unexpected funds become available or if you simply want to clear your debt sooner than expected, there won’t be any extra charges holding you back.

Make additional payments towards principal amounts to reduce interest charges over time.

One of the advantages of Samsung Financing is that you can make additional payments towards the principal amount. Doing so can reduce the total interest charges over time and potentially pay off your purchase more quickly. This option allows you to take control of your finances and save money in the long run.

  • Pro Tip: If you have extra cash or a bonus, consider putting it towards your Samsung Financing balance. This will help lower your overall debt and decrease the interest you’ll have to pay.
  • Example: Let’s say you bought a new TV using Samsung Financing. By making additional payments towards the principal amount whenever possible, you can significantly reduce the total cost of your purchase and enjoy watching your favorite shows without worrying about excessive interest charges.

Spread out large purchases into manageable installments with affordable monthly payments.

Samsung Financing offers an excellent solution for those looking to make larger purchases without breaking the bank all at once. Instead of paying a lump sum upfront, you can divide the cost into manageable installments with affordable monthly payments. This way, you can enjoy your new device or appliance while staying within your budget.

  • Key Benefit: Spreading out large purchases allows you to avoid financial strain and comfortably fit them into your monthly expenses.
  • Example: Imagine wanting to upgrade your kitchen appliances but not having enough savings for an immediate purchase.

Unlocking the Benefits of the Samsung Upgrade Program

The Samsung Upgrade Program, offered through Samsung Financing, provides an easy and convenient way to upgrade to new devices. Participating in this exclusive program allows you to take advantage of trade-in offers and discounts when upgrading your Samsung products. Let’s explore the benefits of the Samsung Upgrade Program and how it can help you stay up to date with the latest technology.

Easily Upgrade to New Devices

With the Samsung Upgrade Program, upgrading your device is a breeze. Say goodbye to outdated technology and hello to the latest innovations. Participating in this program gives you access to a wide range of eligible purchase options for select products. Whether you’re looking for a new smartphone or tablet, the program offers flexibility in choosing the device that suits your needs.

Trade-In Offers and Discounts

One of the major perks of joining the Samsung Upgrade Program is the opportunity to receive trade-in offers and discounts. When ready for an upgrade, simply trade in your current device and apply its value toward your new purchase. This helps offset some of the cost and ensures that your old device is responsibly recycled or refurbished.

Stay Up to Date with the Latest Technology

Technology moves at lightning speed, and staying current can be challenging. But with the Samsung Upgrade Program, you don’t have to worry about falling behind. By taking advantage of this program, you can regularly upgrade your devices without breaking the bank. Stay on top of advancements in mobile technology, enjoy enhanced features improved performance, and access exciting new capabilities.

Seamless Upgrade Process

Gone are the days of complicated upgrade processes that involve multiple steps and long waiting periods. The Samsung Upgrade Program offers a seamless experience from start to finish. With flexible financing options provided by Samsung Financing partners like Affirm*, upgrading has never been easier. Simply select your desired product, choose an eligible purchase option**, complete your transaction online or at a participating retailer, and enjoy your new device.

Zero Interest Payment Programs: Special Offers by Samsung

If you’re looking to make a purchase from Samsung but you don’t want to pay any interest, then you’re in luck! Through its financing program, Samsung offers limited-time promotions that provide zero interest on select purchases. Let’s dive into the details and learn how to take advantage of these special offers.

Limited-Time Promotions with Zero Interest

Samsung frequently runs limited-time offers that allow customers to make purchases with zero interest. These promotions are a fantastic opportunity to get the products you love without worrying about paying any additional interest charges. It’s important to watch for these deals as they are usually available for a specific period only.

Special Financing Offers for Specific Product Categories or Events

In addition to their general zero-interest promotions, Samsung provides special financing offers for specific product categories or events. For example, if you’re in the market for new appliances or a new TV, exclusive financing options may be available just for those products. This allows you to get the items you need while enjoying the benefits of zero-interest payments.

Qualifying for Zero Interest Payment Programs

Certain criteria need to be met to qualify for Samsung’s zero-interest payment programs. While these requirements may vary depending on the promotion and your location, here are some common factors:

  • Minimum Purchase: A minimum purchase amount is often required to qualify for zero-interest financing.
  • Promo Period: The promotional period during which no interest will be charged is typically specified.
  • Retail Partner Programs: Some programs may only be available through select retail partners.
  • Initial Device: In some cases, zero-interest financing may only apply when purchasing an initial device (such as a smartphone).

It’s crucial to carefully read and understand all terms and conditions associated with each offer before making your purchase.

Restrictions and Terms Associated with Zero Interest Payment Programs

While zero-interest payment programs can be a great way to finance your purchase, you must be aware of any restrictions or terms that may apply. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Deferred Interest: If the balance is not paid off within the promotional period, deferred interest charges may apply.
  • Minimum Interest Charge: There might be a minimum interest charge if you don’t pay off the promotional balance by the end of the promo period.
  • Statement Points: Ensure you carefully review your statements and track any points or rewards associated with the financing program.

Understanding these restrictions and terms allows you to make informed decisions and avoid any unexpected charges.

Getting the Most out of Samsung Financing

Congratulations! You now clearly understand how Samsung Financing works, from the approval process to managing your account and taking advantage of flexible payment options. By utilizing Samsung Financing, you can unlock a world of benefits and upgrade your Samsung devices hassle-free.

Take advantage of their zero-interest payment programs and special offers to make the most out of Samsung Financing. These allow you to spread out your payments over time without incurring any additional costs. With the Samsung Upgrade Program, you can easily stay up-to-date with the latest technology by upgrading to newer models yearly.

So, why wait? Take control of your finances and get the Samsung device you’ve dreamed of today. Start exploring all that Samsung Financing offers and experience a seamless way to own cutting-edge technology without breaking the bank.


Can I use Samsung Financing for online purchases?

Yes, absolutely! You can use Samsung Financing for online purchases through and in-store purchases at participating retailers.

Is there an annual fee or hidden charges associated with Samsung Financing?

No, there are no annual fees or hidden charges when you use Samsung Financing. The program is designed to provide transparent financing options without any surprises.

How long does it take to get approved for Samsung Financing?

The approval process for Samsung Financing is quick and easy. You will usually receive an instant decision upon submitting your application.

Can I pay off my balance early without any penalties?

Yes, with Samsung Financing, you can pay off your balance early at any time without incurring any penalties or additional fees.

What happens if I miss a payment on my Samsung Financing account?

Late fees may apply if you miss a payment on your Samsung Financing account. It’s important to make timely payments to avoid any potential penalties or negative impact on your credit score.