Learn Valuable Money Lessons from the New Netflix Documentary “Get Smart With Money.”

The new Netflix documentary “Get Smart With Money” offers insightful money lessons through the personal finance journeys of everyday people.

This documentary is worth watching for anyone wanting to improve their relationship with money.

“Get Smart With Money” follows the stories of Ariana, Lindsey, Teez, Tiffany Aliche, and others brave enough to share their struggles. By getting honest about past financial mistakes, debt, and unhealthy money habits, they find empowerment in taking control of their finances.

Throughout the documentary, we learn the basics of personal finance, like budgeting, saving, investing, and eliminating debt. But more importantly, we discover how people’s unique backgrounds and emotional relationships with money impact their financial decisions.

What is “Get Smart With Money” about?

10 Money Lessons from Netflix 'Get Smart with Money' - Bigmore Associates

“Get Smart With Money” is a new documentary that will be released on Netflix in 2023. The nearly 1.5-hour-long video follows the personal finance journey of several people working to improve their relationship with money.

Ariana is a spender struggling with massive credit card debt. Her husband, John, covers the bills while she struggles with anxiety and depression.

Lindsey is a former stay-at-home mom working 50 hours a week at two jobs to pay off debt. She relies on credit cards and personal loans to pay her monthly expenses.

NFL player Ross found his lucrative football career did not guarantee financial security. Despite earning over $1.6 million, he still lives paycheck-to-paycheck.

Through interviews and enacted scenes, Ariana, Lindsey, Ross, and others share their money regrets, hurdles, and lessons learned. Financial empowerment coach Tiffany Aliche provides expert money advice throughout the documentary.

Why is this documentary worth watching?

“Get Smart With Money” sends an important message: our problems with money are rarely just about the math. They connect deeply to our upbringing, beliefs, habits, and emotions.

Many people struggle to manage money not because they lack financial knowledge but because they have an unhealthy relationship with money. Or they lack the confidence and skills to take control of their finances.

This documentary will resonate with anyone with shame or anxiety about money. Or feel overwhelmed trying to budget, save, and pay off debt. Watching others share openly helps us feel less alone. Their financial breakthroughs give us hope for our financial journeys.

What key money lessons are shared?

While each story is unique, common money lessons emerge:

Lesson 1: Face your financial reality

Several people in “Get Smart With Money” admit they avoided looking at bank balances or checking credit scores. Facing the harsh financial facts pushed them to finally change.

Lesson 2: Address the emotional barriers holding you back

Many show how emotional trauma, depression, or skewed money beliefs fed their financial struggles. Seeking counseling helped improve mental health and money habits.

Lesson 3: Create a budget that works for you

We see how budgeting helps Lindsey and Ariana gain control and build savings. However, the path towards a budget must be tailored to your income and expenses.

Lesson 4: Bring in more money with side hustles

Ross innovates with multiple income streams to supplement NFL earnings. Ariana and Tiffany monetize artistic talents into side hustles for extra cash.

Lesson 5: Start investing early and consistently

John wishes he had started investing in his 20s. Tiffany emphasizes investing regularly, even in small amounts. Time in the market is key.

Lesson 6: Build an emergency fund

Lindsey learned the importance of an emergency fund after using loans to cover expenses between paychecks. It prevents debt spirals after an unexpected crisis.

Lesson 7: Pay off high-interest debt aggressively

John and Ariana make debt payoff a priority. Lindsey pays off predatory payday loans, costing her $1200 a month in interest alone. Eliminating high-interest debt saves money.

Lesson 8: Be patient; change takes time

Remember not to compare your Chapter 1 to someone else’s Chapter 20. Ariana eliminates $38K in debt in 2 years. Stay focused on your path.

Ariana is an artist and yoga teacher struggling with $38K in credit card debt with her husband, John. Her spending is an emotional crutch for anxiety and depression.

Lindsey works 50 hours a week at two jobs, still relying on loans between paychecks. Past trauma drives her unhealthy money habits.

Ross is a former NFL player who earned well over $1 million but still lives paycheck to paycheck and has little savings.

Tiffany Aliche, known as The Budgetnista, dispenses financial empowerment advice throughout the documentary. She shares her own story of overcoming debt.

Other featured stories include a single mom pursuing FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early), a couple who paid off $100K in student loans in 2 years, and a stay-at-home dad learning to manage the family budget.

Why does their financial advice matter to the average person?

The money problems shared are fundamental: overspending, a lack of budgeting and tracking expenses, and living paycheck to paycheck. Most people struggle with similar money issues.

So, the simple yet critical advice resonates. Like tracking every dollar spent to inform your budget. Paying off the highest-interest debt first. Starting to invest early and consistently. Building even a small $500 emergency fund.

Seeing relatable people tackle these simple money problems gives us a roadmap for our financial path.

How does “Get Smart With Money” inspire viewers?

The courage to admit past money mistakes is empowering. We see evidence that small daily choices compound into huge changes over months and years.

Their willingness to face shame, anxiety, and trauma and break bad habits inspires our financial journey. No matter how deep the money struggles, each story provides hope for transformation.

The documentary validates that it’s never too late to “get smart” with your money situation. Even deeply ingrained behaviors and beliefs can evolve when we consistently focus on small changes.

Anyone who feels overwhelmed or anxious about money would benefit from watching this documentary. Let the lessons shared motivate your path toward financial empowerment.

Key Takeaways from “Get Smart With Money”

  • Facing your financial reality openly is the first step toward positive change. Avoiding money problems only worsens them.
  • Childhood experiences and emotional barriers impact how we manage money as adults. Seeking counseling can provide clarity.
  • Budgeting, saving, and eliminating debt are foundational. But the path to get there must align with your unique situation.
  • Adding income streams through side hustles or monetizing skills provides cash flow to build savings and pay off debt.
  • Start investing early and consistently, even in small amounts. Time in the market yields compound growth.
  • Build even a small emergency fund to avoid spiraling into debt during crises.
  • Pay off high-interest debt first and aggressively to save on interest payments.
  • Focus on your financial journey. Small steps compound into huge changes over time.

“Get Smart With Money” provides an eye-opening look at how our relationship with money affects financial decisions. Let the empowering money lessons inspire you to take control of your financial future.