2023 Top Greenfield Puppies Reviews: Exposing the Truth About This Puppy Mill

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Getting a new puppy is an exciting time! You’re adding a furry friend to your family that will bring you years of happiness. However finding the right place to get your puppy is extremely important.

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at Greenfield Puppies – one of the most popular websites for buying puppies online. Read on for Greenfield Puppies reviews from real customers, tips for identifying reputable breeders, and things to consider before purchasing a puppy from Greenfield Puppies in 2023.

What is Greenfield Puppies?

Greenfield Puppies is an online puppy marketplace that connects buyers with breeders nationwide. The website features hundreds of puppy listings across over 300 breeds.

The company was started by Sam and Rachel Stoltzfus, an Amish couple living in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Greenfield Puppies advertises itself as making it simple to find and purchase your perfect puppy from reputable breeders across the United States.

According to their website, Greenfield Puppies has helped over 50,000 families find puppies since its inception in 2000. The site gets over 2 million visits per month from potential buyers.

Greenfield Puppies Reviews: What Do Customers Have to Say?

With such a popular website, Greenfield Puppies reviews are mixed. Here’s what past customers have reported about their experience:

  • Positive experiences purchasing great family pets. Many reviewers say they found healthy, well-socialized puppies that have been wonderful additions to their families. The convenience of browsing puppies nationwide is appreciated.

  • Issues with sick puppies. Some puppies arrived sick, undersocialized, or with genetic defects not disclosed by the breeder. This resulted in expensive vet care.

  • Misleading breeder practices. In some cases, breeders were not who they claimed to be. There are accusations of puppy mills and backyard breeders selling on Greenfield Puppies without disclosing important information.

  • Lack of screening. Reviewers often complain Greenfield Puppies does not properly vet breeders or verify health clearances. This allows poorly run kennels to use the site.

  • Mediocre customer service. Greenfield Puppies’ customer service is called unhelpful and unresponsive by many reviewers when issues arise. Refunds are difficult to obtain.

So while many customers are happy with their puppies, there are definite risks purchasing through Greenfield Puppies that need to be considered.

Is Greenfield Puppies a Puppy Mill? Identifying Backyard Breeders

The main controversy around Greenfield Puppies is whether breeders on the site are reputable or actually puppy mills in disguise.

What is a puppy mill? A puppy mill is a high-volume dog breeding operation that puts profits above breed standards and the well-being of dogs. Puppy mills may seem like legitimate breeders online but operate unethically.

Signs a breeder is a puppy mill:

  • They have many types of breeds available. Responsible breeders typically focus on one or two breeds.

  • Their dogs aren’t health or genetic tested.

  • They don’t require applications or vet references.

  • They are willing to ship puppies sight unseen.

  • The breeder isn’t knowledgeable about the breed when asked detailed questions.

  • The facility doesn’t allow visitors or isn’t located at a private residence.

Since Greenfield Puppies contains listings from many breeders, there is no way to verify if any given breeder meets responsible breeding standards. Some are likely caring professionals who raise puppies in their homes and socialize them extensively. However, there are undoubtedly also puppy mills and backyard breeders looking to turn a quick profit using the site.

This lack of verification is the biggest complaint against Greenfield Puppies in online reviews.

Questions to Ask Breeders Found on GreenfieldPuppies.com

greenfield puppies

If you do pursue a puppy on Greenfield Puppies, you must do your due diligence to avoid puppy mills. Here are important questions to ask:

  • How many litters do you breed in a year? More than 5 litters a year per female dog is a red flag.

  • Can I visit your facility and meet the puppy’s parents? If not, it’s likely a puppy mill.

  • What genetic and health testing do you complete on breeding dogs? Ask for proof.

  • Will you take the puppy back if we can’t keep it? Reputable breeders always take back dogs they’ve bred.

  • Do you have references from past puppy buyers I can call? A quality breeder will have many happy customer references.

  • Are you a licensed, inspected breeder in your state? Ask for their license number.

  • How often are puppies handled and socialized? Puppies need daily human interaction.

Take any refusals to answer or ambiguous responses as red flags. A facility that doesn’t welcome visitors is hiding something.

Buying a Puppy Safely: 5 Tips to Protect Yourself

While Greenfield Puppies makes finding puppies online convenient, it requires due diligence from buyers to avoid puppy mills and potential health issues. Here are 5 tips if considering a puppy from their site:

1. Thoroughly research the breeder. Ask for full names, license numbers, vet references, and customer referrals. Search for complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau. If any red flags appear, look elsewhere.

2. Ask to see vet records for the puppy’s parents. Reputable breeders test for common genetic diseases present in the breed. Verify testing was completed.

3. Insist on an in-person meeting before purchasing. Visiting the pup and breeder’s premises is the only way to truly vet their practices. Never have a puppy shipped sight unseen.

4. Get everything in writing. Require a contract detailing health guarantees, return policies, vaccine records, etc. A quality breeder will stand behind what they sell.

5. Trust your instincts. If anything about the breeder makes you uneasy, listen to your gut feeling and keep looking for your furry friend!

The bottom line is Greenfield Puppies makes finding a puppy online easy, but lacks oversight into breeders using their marketplace. While many reviewers have had success, risks remain.

We cautiously recommend using Greenfield Puppies only if you’re willing to thoroughly vet breeders. This requires asking direct questions, insisting on in-person visits, and walking away at any sign of red flags.

For families wanting greater assurances their puppy comes from an ethical source, purchasing from AKC registered breeders you can meet and inspect yourself is the safest route. An accredited breeder will gladly show you documentation and welcome you to their facilities.

While the convenience of sites like Greenfield Puppies is enticing, take your time selecting not just the right breed, but the right breeder for your newest furry family member.

Summary: Key Takeaways on Buying From Greenfield Puppies

  • Greenfield Puppies offers an easy way to browse puppies from breeders nationwide, but has risks buyers should consider.

  • Customer reviews are mixed – while many get wonderful pets, issues like sick puppies and misrepresented breeders are common complaints.

  • Greenfield Puppies does not vet breeders, so puppy mills try to pass as reputable operations. Ask questions to identify backyard breeders.

  • Insist on meeting any puppy and breeder in-person before purchasing. Never have a pup shipped sight unseen.

  • Take time to thoroughly research and interview any Greenfield Puppies breeder before buying. Walk away at any red flags.

  • For maximum safety, purchase from AKC registered breeders you can meet yourself after seeing their facilities.

While Greenfield Puppies can be a helpful search tool for your new puppy, smart buyers understand the risks involved. Follow our tips to give your new furry friend the best start to a happy life as the newest member of your family!


Q: What is Greenfield Puppies?

A: Greenfield Puppies is a listing service that allows dog breeders and sellers to advertise their puppies for sale. It connects potential buyers with breeders who have puppies available.

Q: Are the puppies from Greenfield Puppies healthy?

A: Greenfield Puppies does not breed or sell puppies directly. The health and well-being of the puppies listed on the site depend on the individual breeders and sellers. It’s important for buyers to thoroughly research the breeders and visit the facilities to ensure the puppies are healthy and well cared for.

Q: How can I contact the breeder when I find a puppy I’m interested in?

A: Each puppy listing on Greenfield Puppies should include contact information for the breeder or seller. You can reach out to them directly using the provided contact details to inquire about the puppies available for sale.

Q: What should I look for when buying a puppy from Greenfield Puppies?

A: When considering purchasing a puppy from Greenfield Puppies, it’s important to research the reputation of the breeder or seller. You should also inquire about the health and genetic history of the puppy, as well as visit the facility to ensure proper care and conditions for the puppies.

Q: Are there any customer reviews of Greenfield Puppies available?

A: Many customers who have bought puppies through Greenfield Puppies have shared their experiences and reviews online. It’s recommended to research and read these reviews to make an informed decision about purchasing a puppy from the site.

Q: Does Greenfield Puppies have a business profile?

A: Yes, Greenfield Puppies has a business profile that provides information about the company and its services. Buyers can use this profile to learn more about the background and operations of Greenfield Puppies.

Q: Can I recommend Greenfield Puppies to others?

A: Whether to recommend Greenfield Puppies to others depends on your personal experience and satisfaction with their services. If you have had a positive experience with a breeder listed on the site, you may choose to recommend Greenfield Puppies to others.

Q: How old are the puppies listed on Greenfield Puppies?

A: The age of the puppies listed on Greenfield Puppies can vary. Breeders typically list puppies when they are old enough to be separated from their mother and ready for adoption. Buyers should inquire with the breeder about the specific age of the puppies they are interested in.

Q: Are there specific breeds available on Greenfield Puppies?

A: Yes, Greenfield Puppies offers a variety of specific breeds based on the listings provided by the breeders and sellers. Buyers can search for specific breeds they are interested in adopting.

Q: Who are some of the breeders associated with Greenfield Puppies?

A: Some of the breeders associated with Greenfield Puppies include Amos and Rachel King, as well as Sam and Rachel Stoltzfus. These breeders have been known to sell their puppies through the Greenfield Puppies platform.